American Nurse Today develops specialized online resources based on topics and issues that impact nurses.
The Advisor Series sites feature articles, educational assets and interactive content that advance knowledge
and elicit feedback.

Wound Care Advisor is a unique educational web destination that has been designed to be a trusted, timely and useful resource for healthcare professionals dealing with chronic wounds and ostomy management issues.

The Nurse Safety Resource Center is developed to ensure nurses are incorporating best practices for protecting themselves on the job. This site features information developed by experts in the field, and peer-reviewed. This microsite is brought to our readers by CM&F Group, Inc.

An innovative clinician’s resource developed for chronic wounds and features access to product samples, digital resource downloads and quizzes. This microsite is brought to our readers by Angelini Pharma

Workplace Abuse Advisor promotes awareness of the critical issues involving harassment, violence and mistreatment in the professional settings where nurses work.


 Technology Advisor provides insight into innovative and data-driven applications that enhance nursing care and provide innovation in staffing, patient outcomes and statistical analysis.


Infection Prevention Advisor provides a wealth of information to promote best practices and to empower nurses in the risk reduction and prevention of infection.


Opioid Advisor

Opioid Advisor takes a deep dive into the issues and options concerning the crisis that affects the practice of healthcare and the lives of patients. Content includes both clinical and public health considerations when dealing with opioids.

Patient Safety Advisor

Patient Safety Advisor deals with the responsibilities and recommendations for best practice when addressing the culture of prevention within healthcare facilities and environments. Promoting safety and mitigating risk are main focuses to make patient experiences and health a top priority.

Nurse Mental Health Advisor

Nurse Mental Health Advisor highlights the issues concerning nurses’ occupational stresses, and how to cope with the pressures and challenges facing their difficult environment. Content focuses of identifying common conditions, as well as methods for assisting in recovery.

Urgent Care Advisor

Urgent Care Advisor examines common trends and important topics that occur in the emergency care environment. Content focusses on clinical issues that require rapid response and action-orientated treatment options for healthcare professionals.

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